In our project we propose to distribute 85% of the platform's profits under the prize and lottery model explained in the white paper.

Our project consist of an per to per ecommerce app called "Súbelo", that allow users to buy, sell or interchange products and services each others and a binary multi-level networking to form a large community of a collaborative economy. All users can earn tokens that they can exchange for fiat money in the future when the platform gets income.

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Project description

The business model consists of an integral collaborative economy network whose core would be a per to per ecommerce app, where goods or services can be traded between users of any nature always within the legal framework, seeking to reach the greatest number of possible members, to establish an attractive and effective platform that can be monetized through digital advertising, micropayments, commissions for services, specialized consulting and advisory services among others.



It consists of an application commerce app in which transactions can be made with services between peer services.

Token, criptocurrency and blockchain

Due OurNet platform uses a multilevel system to promote the growth of the ecosystem, this project use a  token concept or points that will be given to each new user that are coming into the ecosystem.

These tokens can will be exchanged by fiat money or advertising rights, in the future, when the platform start get incomes for fiat money.

Initially these tokens will be mined through registration process and promoting other users to coming and register into the platform; and all possible transactions will be managed in the OurNet platform; then in the future will be migrated this tokens into a blockchain in order to it will can to work as a decentralized cryptocurrency.

We are still studying the best option of blockchain, determining if we adhere to an existing project or if it is necessary to create a blockchain of our own, this is because we do not want to make the mistake of some projects that due to selfishness and ambition end up creating an unnecessary cryptocurrency without value and doomed to failure the project.


It will be any user that is responsible for promoting the platform through recommendations and the acquisition of referrals in binary networks; but they can also act as recommenders of products or services of suppliers and obtain exchangeable tokens.


Individuals indistinct from the geographical location or legal nature that interact with the platform through the internet.


Companies or people who wish to place ads, promote goods or services through the grand channel in which the platform will become.


Model of the collaborative economy in the OurNet ecosystem

The model is based on a binary network of multilevel, where each user can only have two direct referrals under him, known as left leg and right leg and these legs are developed independently to the extent that new users are registered in the platform.


The compensation plan will grant the highest reward for the weakest leg of each user, this will allow each user to keep motivation alive in the network and contribute to its growth through the method known as spill, (Consists that the user who is most above also helps users who are below to bring referrals), since if you choose not to contribute and download the work in the members below it, one of your two legs will end up falling behind and this means you can not get the maximum potential of the benefits.

Different campaigns will be created depending on the need and the business potential depending on the phase of the project.


For example in the launch phase, having as a target audience those whose main motivation is money (Early Adopters and Influencers) and initially seeks to ensure the growth and expansion of the platform to the point of reaching users who are motivated by the theory of social contagion [7] and other motivations not associated with money; the adoption campaign is created by the users in which the OurNet project will grant up to 60% of their tokens to the first users who register in the application, once this limit is exceeded no more tokens will be granted and it will be considered finished the bell.

The following criteria are taken into account for this campaign:


  1. Each user to register in the application gets a code of their own which will be used to invite their referrals.

  2. When a new user registers using a referral code or sponsor, an algorithm calculates which is the weakest leg of the sponsor and assigns it automatically.

  3. At the time of registration, the platform assigns a total of 3 points equivalent to 3 tokens.

  4. The system assigns an additional benefit each time a level is completed below your network, this benefit is calculated as a percentage, dividing the total cost of the network between the corresponding level number as shown in the following table.


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