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Our value proposal


We offering an IT  solution 100% online, focused on companies that have to cover some needs like scheduling of services, billing, medical history, odontograms, periodontograms, clinical outcomes, inventory of products and services, fixed assets and depreciation, cash settlements and many more.


A comprehensive business solution for company management and support the digital transformation process. providing a competitive advantage for your business.

A comprehensive business solution 100% web, designed to support the operation of your company in an agile and centralized way, improving the management of information and the execution of business processes. Prevents loss of information and eliminates duplication of work, since the whole system is prepared to perform automatically backoffice tasks, such as accounting and managing your inventories each time you make a purchase, sale, payment etc. The solution is composed of certain modules that can be individually acquired according to the needs of your business.

Service Module

Manage time, resources and collaborators efficiently

This module will allow you to schedule and manage your appointments for the provision of your services, has intelligence to avoid conflicts of dates, times and people. It allows to include additional elements to fulfill the service and carry out the invoicing of the same, has functionalities to print reports and routes sheets.

Clinical history Module

Your patient - View 360°

This module allows you to record and manage the clinical history of your patients, initially focused on the dental sector, allows the administration of patients, odontograms, evolutions, appointment management, physical examination etc. as well as billing and checking your inventories.

Accounting, billing & inventories

Comprehensive management of your processes

All processes related to accounting invoicing and managing your inventories in a simple and integrated way to your other business processes.

This allows that when performing any business process involving any back-office tasks associated with billing, inventory or accounting these tasks are performed automatically, maintaining the updated information that reflects the reality of your company at all times.



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